Green Impact Awards – help us to reduce our carbon footprint

At Cam & Uley Family Practice we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact.

We use renewable energy, have solar panels at Cam Surgery, Recycle responsibly, try to keep our CO2 footprint to a minimum, and purchase Fair Trade tea & coffee to keep the staff going!

Our aim to help you to be as healthy as possible whilst also environmentally responsible.

You could help us achieve this by:

  • Nominating a pharmacy to use electronic dispensing to manage your prescriptions (Register for this from the Prescription & Medicines Centre on the home screen)
  • Switching to greener inhalers (just ask your doctor or nurse)
  • Recycle your old inhalers.

Boots and Dursley Family Pharmacy will recycle them for you, so please drop off with them.

For more information, please visit

Message from Dr Kat Bristol

Cam & Uley Family Practice is now in the top 8% of practices in the country for prescribing climate friendly inhalers. We have been working hard to persuade our patients to try dry powder inhalers instead of old style metered dose inhalers, with their much higher carbon footprint.

Cam & Uley Family Practice is down from 61% of our patients being on MDI prevention inhalers to just 43%. Over 12 months this will save the equivalent of an amazing 27 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Well done everyone!!

Please view our Green Impact certificate below: